Do you DREAM of making an impact?

Do you know that you are good at what you do but wished you knew how to find and show up in front of your soul mate clients so they know that you exist?

Do you feel you have a special MISSION in this life and you feel urge to fulfil it?

Do you want to attract and magnetise clients into your business every day and make more sales?

Do you want to create your own schedule and lifestyle on your own terms?

Do you want to create meaningful and profitable coaching business with irresistible offers and finally launch it?

Do you feel scared to take the next step but you know you have to if you want this life for yourself?

Do you want to stand out online and be recognised expert and a coach doing what you LOVE?

Do you want to feel at ease knowing how easy marketing yourself online can be and that you too can achieve success?

If you are reading this and it sounds like I have read your min then well my dear than you are in the right place!

I know exactly what it feels like when you are doing something that is not destined for you and you do not have a passion for it.

I know exactly what it means to lack money, be surrounded by people who don’t understand you and support you but also how it feels to be stuck in a cage of life that is slowly burning you out when you know in your heart and soul there is something else waiting for you.

I believe in intuition and listening to your inner voice and more I ignored it the more wrong decisions I was making for myself.

It is time you started to listen to your inner voice, to that intuition in your heart guiding you!

Let me share a little something with you!


I’m Malina and not so long ago I was stuck in a life that did not feel like mine, job that was killing me every day inside and slowly I was burning out……  


this is when I made the decision that I do not accept this reality anymore!

No backup plan I quit my job, left my marriage and started brand new chapter in my life.

I took my power back and stepped into new me!

I started my coaching business, following my heart for love of helping other people.

Seeing how many females suffer in the corporate world, seeing how their dreams and passion dies I decided I will help more woman in the world change their life.

I made many mistakes and tried and tested and learned and educated myself, but when I officially launched my coaching business with no website, no logo no online presence… took me 5 weeks to start selling my high end coaching programme! This was mind blowing and insane to work with people all across the world paying me to do what I love. I was floating on cloud 9!

Today I am an intuitive business coach, show host, speaker, course creator and a mentor to female coaches and I love what I do.

If you have chosen to become a coach I believe this path is for those who have heart full of love for others and want to help and share and support those that are around them and for that I want to thank you.


Coaching is an amazing way to use your skills, education, career and life experience and turn it into something that will create this ripple effect of goodness in the world and you get to be the part of that change.

There is nothing stopping you,  all you need is your will and commitment to make this happen for yourself.

I created this course to give you tools, knowledge and all I know to help you start building your business, your life on your own terms confidently.

The Details

Rise above the noise and go from invisible to impactful in your coaching business.

Learn the skills of structuring your marketing strategy to stand out online and get ready to be seen, in demand attracting your soul mate clients but also to grow your audience and build your presence as the go to expert making more sales.

Identify your genius zone and create irresistible offers that will transform and change people’s lives.

Build your confidence as a coach and own your power to show up boldly with your mission online knowing exactly what to do each day to build your own empire.

Allow your clients to find you easily every day and know that you exist!

BONUS: Master your message and content that converts master class (worth $1000)

BONUS : Template of the coaching course contract to help you set up basics (worth $500)

BONUS: Bundle of all the freebies ($500)

BONUS : Live participation in the Q&A and trainings inside the course (priceless!!)

BONUS : Strategy call master class version 1.0 (worth $500)

BONUS : Private client pre work workbook (worth $350)

BONUS: Inner work – show up boldly and shine your light workbook (Worth $1000)

                                                                                                               TOTAL $3850

Watch here what Erin and Mirela had to say about their experience

MIrela Borsan, leadership coach

About Malina

Hey I’m Malina


I am so excited to have created this online course for you.

It is my mission to help woman like me and you create successful coaching business and live life on their own terms every day.

I specialise in helping female coaches stand out online as the go to expert, attracting high end clients and bringing daily leads into their business and irresistible offers.

I became a coach through 13 years of  experience in corporate coaching, training and working with clients  which has transitioned to my true calling and passion to help others succeed and transform into my own business.

When I launched my coaching business without website, logo and anyone knowing me online it took me 5 weeks from zero to booking high end clients.

Today I work and support women across the world who dream of stepping out from the shadows and confidently building their coaching business as the expert that they are.

I am proud of what I have achieved and the difference I make in the lives of women that come in contact with me and my work.

What others say about working with Malina

Candice O’Shannessy Herbal Hiraeth

I was lost and didn’t have enough confidence and clear vision how to achieve what I wanted to achieve. After starting the 90 day scale up programme I felt more confident with myself, and knowing where I am heading. The programme helped with social strategy, driving more traffic to my website and social media that resulted with sales.

Lynda Scrimger, Dusty Daisy

Malina is my business rock! I was invisible, stuck, going nowhere, I felt as if I was trying to juggle so many things at once, I was so busy but at the same time I was getting nothing done...until fate introduced me to Malina. Malina helped to make Dusty Daisy visible she helped me make it happen. Dusty Daisy is engaging new customers and seeing fantastic business results every day. Malina taught me to believe in myself, she taught me how to face my fears and overcome them, which then proved to me that by taking your fears in hand and taking responsibility for your future, really does get results. Her strategies, guidance, organisation, advice and her knowledge base within her coaching is second to none.

The content

Pre work - Deep inner work

Tap into your true desire and who you want to be as a coach! Deep inner work to bring your BOLD BADASS to light!

Week one - Clarity and direction

Get more clarity on your direction as a coach. Define your competitive edge and the power you hold within you. Start building your confidence and belief system to match your ideal clients energetically and show up in your business fully aligned and ready to sell each day!

Week two - designing irresistible offer

Let's start designing your irresistible offers that addresses the needs of your ideal clients. 

Learn how to build your offers that give value and transform, share your heart with your audience and take them on a journey. Structure and price your offer. 

Week three - Build your online presence

Build your online presence, learn how to get yourself out there and position yourself as the expert. How to find the right clients that will be attracted to you every day.

Week four - Create content that converts

Learn how to create soul touching content that converts and is building engagement that is putting you on the map of social media of go to coaches. 

Week Five - Attraction and growth strategies

Tactical strategies of building your brand and rising above the noise of others around you. Attracting more clients and sales into your business. Learn how to drive people into your offers and fall in love with you. 

Week six - Positive success

habits and convert prospects 

Implement habits and structures into your routine and business. Learn how to handle prospects and turn them into sales calls and sales in your business. 

Week seven BONUS - Stay grounded & attract money and success

Bonus week, to help you stay grounded in your power and create plan and steps in the future. Help you keep your belief system at the level that help you see your potential and allows you to creatively grow and attract success into your life. Answer any questions that may have come up during the course. 

How it works

This is an online course for home study.

This is new launch so you will take part in the live recording of the course which is awesome!

There will be 6 x 60 min live video trainings with workbooks for you to complete and live Q&A with your questions answered. 

You have completely unlimited replays and lifetime updates.

You will receive all the details and links via email that you will provide and the course will start in May.

You will receive each module weekly and also you will be part of a client only group for the course so you can go through it with others and share your questions as well as achievements.

Get on the waiting list now to be notified when course will be open for enrolment again

If you have any questions email:


What if I have not started coaching yet and I don't have a business is this course also for me?

Yes absolutely! This course will help you learn the necessary skills to build your confidence as a coach and get clarity on who you want to be as a coach to make sure you are making impact and learn the skills of building your brand and presence with strategies necessary to gain audience and clients. 

What results can I expect from this course?

I love the work I do and it is my job and duty to make sure I give you all I know to help you get great results. You must remember that it is your responsibility to show up and take action and implement. Clients who have worked with me of which some you have seen testimonials were truly inspired and transformed but : DISCLAIMER: I don’t guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

What if I have other commitments right now?

The course is designed in the way to give you full power over when you will go through it and at what pace. It is great to share it with the community and others that go through it as the same time but it is you that dictates when you will complete each step and how fast. As you know the modules drop weekly so it gives you ample time to prepare and educate on each. You will have lifetime access to the course so you can watch and read as many times as you want the content over time. 

Do you offer payment plan with this course?

Yes of course! You will be able to find a suitable payment option for yourself and it is available on the order form below.

What can I expect?

New perspective on your coaching business, learning new strategies and getting clarity on you business. Getting lots of messages and requests from people wanting to work with you. Establishing your brand. Inner work, changing your belief system, seeing your potential and worth. Shifting your mind into another level!

Do you offer a refund?

I have never had to issue a refund to anyone. Please make sure you will go through a week one along with the homework and if for whatever reason you feel you want a refund please email me with your homework completed and reasoning of the request within 5 days from the 1st module being released.

More questions?

Are you ready?

Get on the waiting list and be notified when the course will open with special offer

I believe in You! Malina 

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